Angry Happy Arab

Writing and Polaroids
Muslim Reading, Lower East Side, NYC
Something tells me he does this every day. There is peace in that.
West Village, NYC
I saw this kid throw his hands up and I said “word.”
Mistress Mona, Echo Park, LA 90029
I said “stand on the wall.” She looked at me pissed.
Lovers not in Japan, East Village, NYC 
This was in August 2010. I was waiting for the F train and it was like 2 am. I saw this and fell in love with them. I wanted to just take pics, but didn’t want to interrupt. 
Lower East Side, NYC
I was walking with my friend Nate and smoke was coming from behind a building. Fireman arrived within minutes and as the smoke got stronger, the sunlight just shined through and I saw this.
Kentile Floors, Brooklyn NYC
If you are ever on the F or G line heading toward the city, you can’t miss this staple.
Me and William Polanco, Patterson NJ
I’ve known Will since freshman year of high school. One of my oldest and loved friends. He also is the number one Handball player in the world. A sport he picked up in Brooklyn since he was 6. 
Bar Covell, Silverlake, LA 90029
The first day Bar Covell opened. I worked behind the counter washing glasses. Was also the last day. I thought, wait a minute… we need a dishwasher.
Kareem, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 11220
Kareem out on the biggest snow day in New York. I stayed in all day. This was when I peeked my head outside…I spent the day in. 
Anna Eliza, Echo Park, LA 90029
I met Anna at Chango. Her mom introduced us. She had so much love in her eyes. I asked if I can shoot her. She said yes.
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