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Writing and Polaroids
Mathai Mathenge, Writer/Musician, San Pedro CA
Mathai sent me his latest album and I just fell in fucking love with it. I said to him “I need to make a video for the first track ‘honesty.” His reply, “bet.” We drove to a scout a location in San Pedro and when Mathai was looking over the cliffs towards the ocean, I caught this. Notice RAINBOW on his arm, like a badge. That is just the soul of the man shining. ☆
Tony Alvarez, Actor/Humorist, Silverlake, 90029
Sigh. I’m not sure what to make of Tony. How can I explain him? He is a child trapped in a over sized mans body.  I’ve known him for close to 9 years now. He’s gone from the guy who wanted to kick my ass cause I danced with his ex girl friend to one of my closest friends. For all the single ladies, I vouch for this guy. I love him so.
Hosanna Wong, Director, Los Angeles, 90057
So, my friend Hosanna say’s “Hey, can you take my pics, I want to look handsome.” My response was…”that’s already there my friend.”, silverlake, 90029
My friend, Jacqueline Rose, asked me to shoot photos for her new jewerly line at
I wanted to give it a bit of a new slant, here’s a sample. Kids, ask your parents to view.
Daniel Ahearn, singer and songwriter, Echo Park, 90029
'I'm thru living in question, dreaming the answers…” That's a line that strikes hard from Daniel Ahearn's new song “I will let you go.”
I met Daniel a few years ago and clicked from the moment we started talking. Like two passing ships, we always stop and have good talks. This is a good soul of a man.
6am light. Brooklyn, NYC
When I was 13 years old, I started working in my families grocery store. We would open the gates at 6 a.m, but would leave around 5:30 a.m, which meant, I was waking up at 5 a.m to get ready. We would drive via the BQE into Flatbush from Bay Ridge. I’d be half asleep with my head was resting against the passenger side window, only to wake up ever time my father would hit a pot hole in the road or something. But when you’re awake at the time, you get to see Brooklyn still sleeping. And it can stay with you. 
Lines, Echo Park, LA 90029
there’s a bluebird in my heart thatwants to get outbut I’m too tough for him,I say, stay in there, I’m not goingto let anybody seeyou.
Bukowski, Charles
Union Square, NYC
When I’m in New York, I love to walk around. I like to look up and take in the skies, buildings and trees. Why? Not sure, just do.  
There is something about this city that I’ll always know for myself. 
Anna Eliza, Echo Park, LA
Anna is always fun to photograph. This was taken in my old place. Behind her on the wall is a quote from Jim Jarmush. I like that the word “authentic” sticks out. 
Tony, Silverlake, LA
Tony, one of my favorite people, is a coffee genius. Also…the man knows his natural enhancers of the mind. 
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