Angry Happy Arab

Writing and Polaroids
FREE ROCCO, Union Square, NYC
This was straight out of a Sidney Lumet film. People crowded around the crazy man as the cops pulled him away chanting “Free Rocco” over and over. Then, over my shoulder I heard someone chant “Attica.” I felt at home.
Litte “Tony” Alvarez, L Train heading to 8th, NYC
I saw this and couldn’t pass it up. I never saw anyone in their purest form than the moment I saw this kid just owning this moment. I have a great friend, Tony, and this is how I have always pictured him as a kid. Just owning it.
Hipster Lovers, Williamsburg, NYC part 2
I loved this moment. She just stood in front of him and he waited. He took her in. I let the story narrate in my head before I dozed off. 
Hipster Lovers, Williamsburg, NYC 
Thinking of the past love in the twilight of a Friday hours before the sunrise. I watched these two young lovers touch and write on one another. Nothing more. I could tell this was new, fresh. He was shy, not yet bold in his moves, and she was in love and inviting him to play. 
East Village, NYC
A photo shoot of some punk rock wanna be band where they pretty much were naked on the summer day, my favorite moment, the little old lady having a laugh…only in NYC.
Aboud, aka Boody, Brooklyn NY
My nephew wanted to learn how to swim. He’d say “Mousa, practice me.” “You want me to practice you?” “Yeah…practice me.” So I jumped in the pool and practiced him. I love this kid. After we went and saw Transformers!!!
Union Square, NYC 
Me and my brother walking down 14TH when we see a bunch of people standing in the middle of the street, with there camera phones in hand holding up traffic behind them, and I look at Moe asking “What the fuck are they looking at?” We look …and it’s simply the sun setting over the west side. I love that traffic was stopped to look at this.
Ivy Vahanian, Brooklyn, NYC 
When I first started taking pictures Ivy was one of my first subjects. We became fast friends. 
Skinny Dipper, Upstate NYC
I was never a swimmer. I went upstate with a few friends and we came upon this lake. Everyone tool off there knickers and jumped in. I stayed and watched. I was so envious. I took this as she was coming out of the lake.
Thomas and Clara Mina Greene, Glendale, CA
I had to zip over to Sprint and get my phone repaired. They said it be a hour. So, I went to vist the Greene clan for some tangerines of the tree and a little Uncle Mous and Mina time. This girl is a heartbreaker and rockstar in the making. Good thing daddy’s a drummer.
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