Angry Happy Arab

Writing and Polaroids
Think Coffee, NYC
Oh this young lady has quite the charm. In NYC fashion she’ll tell you have a nice day or go fuck yourself and you’ll love her none the less.
Saleh, Dubai 
My nephew. The pic really says it all.
The Public Theater, NYC
This is where I am working these days. On the same stages where every great actor we know has graced. I’m blessed.
Self Portrait, Grey Morning, NYC
I was in the mood. I woke up this morning, the sun light was coming through the windows into my NYC apartment and as I passed the mirror I thought “why not.” I might blush if you see me and bring this up, but truthfully, I like it.
The Thinking Man, NYC
I walked by him and just thought, this man knows something we don’t. It started to rain hard and you can tell that this man has been through it, cause he was just…zen.
Lady in Red, NYC 
I couldn’t help not take this photo, everything about this woman just had my senses going off. The pearl necklace, the shiny black high heels, the way she stood up so perfectly as she played with her phone and of course…THE RED DRESS!!! This woman emoted emoted sex and my favorite part was when she caught me looking…she knew it.
Self Portrait, Mousa Kraish, NYC
I was having a moment, clearly. I am currently playing Costard the Clown in Loves Labours Lost at the Public Theater this fall. The character is finding his way into me, and me into him. Hardest thing I have done to date. 
Simple Jacks, NYC, NYC
So, I saw this and thought, this is the perfect way to describe me and my close friends back in LA. If you know us, we have a tendency to shoot the shit about nothing and everything. We called ourselves the Simple Jacks one night playing cards and hitting the bottles…the name stuck.
Union Square, NYC

Only in NYC will you see two people waltzing. Love it.
HBO Summer Films, Bryant Park, NYC
I have not seen this film in quite some time. All I know, is when the brothers speak jive and the little girl say’s she likes her coffee black…like her men, my heart just smiled a little bit more. 
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