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Writing and Polaroids
July 11, 2013 Highland Park, Neptune Haze. I’ve followed her work for quite sometime. One of my favorite models. We met up and ended up going to my friend Kaylan’s place. They hit it off like gangbusters and I took pictures. 
Echo Park, 90026
This girl is just pure bliss! We have so much fun when we shoot because it usually turns into a “shit show riot” of laughter.
Echo Park, CA 90026
NF came over and said…”shoot me.” Beautiful work came out of that.
Train Pass Portland, OR 
I found this the other day. It was a pass I bought for my first time in Portland going to visit  Hannah. Finding this brought a smile to my face. The past reminds us of the important things.
Burns, Echo Park, LA 90026
Burns was in town from Upstate NY and wanted to do a photo shoot. We talked about her dad passing and lovers of past, present and future. This one is a good egg.
Painter, Los Angeles CA 90026
My friend Giulianna is one of my favorite artists. From time to time we trade work and drink coffee and talk about relationships. She wanted to paint, I wanted to photograph her.
The Altar, Los Angeles CA
Not really sure how to describe this moment. The light, the girl standing in front of a mirror as she starts her day, or the fact the cross is on the left and JohnWayne on the right. 
Shoes, Brooklyn 
I love how this always makes me think of growing up in Brooklyn. That we always marked our block with our kicks.
Evie aka Post Office, NYC
I met my friend Eve in a post office as we were mailing bills and what not. A soul sister who chatted about comic books, politics and love. She showed me her bum, I took a pic. 
Silverlake, LA 90029
I just got back from NYC. It was sunny and the sky was wide open. Standing on the corner waiting for the light, I saw this. 
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